Environmentally Friendly – Eco-Fursys

The Environment is the starting point when we manufacture Products
We make ‘caring for the environment’ our top business priority. To help create ‘harmony’ in society, we think it is our responsibility to work to keep the environment clean. Our responsibility to customers and society is to manufacture products with excellent durability, with a minimal effect on the environment.

Management for the Environment
Fursys achieved ISO14001 in all of its business locations, and our products are developed based on the DFE (Design for Environment) process.

Materials & Design for the Environment
Fursys strictly manages each step of the product lifecycle from the first stage of production to disposal and recycling.  The environment is our primary concern from the initial planning stages and this is continued through to material purchasing and our choice of manufacturing equipment.  We also work to maximize recycling of our products to minimize any harmful effects on our environment.

Our products are developed based on the DFE (Design for Environment) process. We strictly follow IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) standards and only use materials with minimal harmful ingredients.

Durability Guarantee to Protect the Environment
By manufacturing items with excellent durability and high quality designs, Fursys is contributing to keeping the environment clean. We will put more effort into preserving the environment and will continue producing products with environmentally friendly materials.

References Our consistent effort to develop and manufacture high quality goods has been recognized by our customers. We will promise to ensure developing and manufacturing high quality products with our specialised designers, choice of excellent materials, strict control of product quality and faster and accurate customer service for our superior reputation not only in the local market, but also in the global market.

3-time Winner of Korea Economic Justice Award
The Citizens coalition for Economic Justice, a Korean NGO confers the Korea Economic Justice Award on companies that have shown the greatest commitment to ethical management practices. The winners are selected on the basis of opinions gleaned from academia, the press, the government, corporate circles, labor, consumer groups and environmental organisations. Fursys won this prestigious annual award for the first time in 2001 and has been so honoured two more times since then.

Environmental Mark
The Korean Ministry of Environment recognises that all Fursys products comply with the highest standards for environment friendliness.

ISO 14000
All Fursys worksites are ISO 14000 certified for compliance with strit international safety and environmental standards. The company remains committed to constantly improving the safety and pleasantness of the workplace.

E1 Grade PB and MDF
Formalin emits formaldehyde, which can be harmful to the people who make as well as use products that contain the preservative. Fursys use particleboard and medium density fiberboard that complies with the strict E1 requirements for formaldehyde emissions in effect in the most advanced markets.

Nano0silver LPM
Fursys applies sophisticated nano-silver technology to low pressure melamine to provide health promoting benefits to users. The nano-silver particles kill 99.9% of all bacteria and emit infrared rays.

Threee Years ago, Fursys made the complete switch over from Styrofoam to pul mold packing materials.

Korean government Environmental MarkDesign for Environment
The Fursys Design Center, staffed by more than 50 experts applies the Design for Environment (DfE) approach in developing all new products. This includes using environment friendly materials and production methods as well as maximising product recyclability. The company’s Prego chair line received Germany’s prestigious IF award in recognition of eco-friendly design in 1998